Buyer's Offer FAQ

Buyers Frequently Asked Questions

Does another buyer see my offer?

No, absolutely not

Does OfferBox work like an auction?

No. An auction is a binding, fixed and non-confidential event with no flexibility and many non-negotiable conditions as per the terms and conditions attached to each auction.

OfferBox is a non-binding, confidential and ongoing negotiation process between the parties with the intention to form a contract upon reaching an agreed position. If there happens to be multiple buyers offering to buy one property, they are each automatically warned by SMS/text and Email that there are multiple offers. Buyer’s details and offers are kept confidential.

Is it against the law to make a dummy offer through OfferBox?

Yes. Even though it is not an Auction it is treated the same in this regard. As per OfferBox Terms and Conditions

Is OfferBox a binding contract?

No. However OfferBox is based on the premise that it is facilitating negotiations between a willing Buyer and a willing Seller and therefore, successfully concluded negotiations on OfferBox usually convert smoothly to Contracts.

How much does it cost me to make an offer through OfferBox?

If the property on which you wish to make an offer is listed on OfferBox, there is no fee.

Can I make an offer on OfferBox if the agent is not using the OfferBox process?

Yes. You just need the Property Address, the Agent's Mobile phone number and Email address, The Agent is legally obliged to ensure that the Seller is made aware of your offer. The offer is Date and Time stamped  and cannot be tampered with by the Agent.

How does the Seller Live Messaging work through OfferBox?

The Seller can elect to accept Live Messaging through OfferBox when they or their Agent connects their property. The Seller's personal details and contact numbers remain anonymous, however they automatically receive any message that you might like to send.

How secure is OfferBox?

OfferBox software and communications run on a secure sever. The only way your live Offer document can be accessed is via your Email link or via your login