Seller's Offer FAQ

Private Sellers FAQ’s

Does OfferBox work like an auction?

No. An auction is a binding, fixed and non-confidential event with no flexibility and many non-negotiable conditions as per the terms and conditions attached to each auction.

OfferBox is a non-binding, confidential and ongoing negotiation process that can continue until agreed by both parties, with the intention to form a contract once an agreed position is reached. If there happens to be multiple buyers offering to buy one property, they are each automatically warned by SMS/text and Email that there are multiple offers. Buyer’s details and offers are kept confidential.

Do I have to use a real estate agent to use OfferBox?

No, however there are a number of advantages to be gained by using an experienced agent. The experienced agent combining with the OfferBox technology can be of great assistance in maximising your selling price, even if you have some prior experience.

How does OfferBox promote my property?

OfferBox's function is not to promote your property. There are many great listing Portals already that do that for you. There is only one Live Document negotiation and communication site. It's all about the secure document that is created and  automatically passed around via SMS and Email, recording every step of the negotiations.

I’m a private seller, can I get all the OfferBox functions that an accredited OfferBox agent gets?


What assistance do I get from OfferBox?

Online and phone support is available

What support service is available through OfferBox?

There are various levels of assistance you can elect to utilize. For instance, whilst in negotiations with a Buyer you can contact our Support Desk and request the direct assistance of an experienced Negotiator to help you achieve the most favourable terms and conditions with those negotiations. A fee is payable if direct negotiation assistance is requested.

Is OfferBox a binding contract?

No. However  through OfferBox’s years of experience it has been proven that when you have a willing Buyer and a willing Seller the deal comes together.

What do I do when somebody inspects my property?

Suggest that if they want to make an offer or communicate through the Live Message service which is confidential, then just go to and do so from there.

How secure is OfferBox?

OfferBox software and communications run on a secure sever. The only way your live Offer document can be accessed is via your email link or via your login

Can I upload photos to my property on OfferBox to show my property off better?
No. OfferBox has a provision to insert a link to the Listing Portal of your choice. This enables interested parties to view your property to its best advantage on the display Portal, whilst focusing purely on negotiations through OfferBox
How do I promote my property?

Through Listing Portals such as,, etc